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What to look for when buying a pool table


Billiard cloth comes in several colors, weights and wool content. Most is 80% wool, non directional and 21 to 22 ounces in weight.


3 piece oversize slate is the preferred playing surface. Billiard table slate is a natural rock mined in several locations around the world. The best quality slate is mined in Italy. It’s less brittle, is well cured and has a more even density.

Brazil produces good quality slate, it’s a little more brittle but well cured and cut.

China slate is found on most import tables. It’s more brittle but less expensive than the rest.

Rail Cushions

Cushions are primarily rubber. Regulation size is K66 profile and can last from 5 years to a lifetime depending on where and how the rubber is made.

When choosing a table look for 3 piece oversize slate 1 inch thick.

Table frames should be built to hold the slate rigid and level without sagging or shifting. Frames can be made from particle board or plywood but the best are made from hardwood. Beware of tables made in China. Some are made from good wood some are not. American woods are kiln dried and cured. Not all foreign woods are.

Check finishes to make sure they are bonded to the wood and won’t come off.Have authorized Billiard mechanics set up and service your table.

The best table in the world is no fun it’s not level and doesn’t play properly.

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